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JoSAA Counselling

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Joint Seat Allocation Authority (JoSAA) is an authority under the Ministry of Human Resources Development (MHRD) that is responsible for allocation seats to students who have qualified in both the stages of JEE (Mains and Advanced).

After qualifying in the two exams, a students is generally demanding an admission in one of the colleges based on their JEE rank. This step often majorly shapes the course of the career for the student.

This page contains various links that may help students with finding more information about various programs. Please be careful to consider the age of articles, facts. Many of them may not be true anymore!

College-wise useful resources

Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur

The Quora page That'sIITK has a collection of crowdsourced articles about IIT Kanpur for IIT aspirants.

Mathematics and Scientific Computing

The Mathematics and Scientific Computing program at IIT Kanpur is designed to teach mathematics. Careers emerging from this degree are in analytics, finance, programming and also academic research. There are lots of open electives to take courses in other departments and give an "extra" flavor to your degree.

Links to discussions

  • The following is a blog post written in 2017.

Link to blog

  • You can also read this Facebook post from 2014.

Link to post

Materials Science and Engineering

The following are some Quora articles that give an overview of the Materials Science and Engineering Department at IIT Kanpur from 2015 and 2016.

Indian Institute of Technology, Madras

Aerospace Engineering

Engineering Design