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Thank you for taking interest in WikiPariksha!

This page will serve to direct this project and lay out what the content of our website. If you have other questions about WikiPariksha, please visit WikiPariksha:FAQ

Scope of content on WikiPariksha

The goal is to add educational material that can help in preparation with entrance exams. Currently, the target is set for only Indian entrance exams and we are very limited in scope. Most of the information is about JEE exams.

The following are some types of information that WikiPariksha is definitely intended for.

  • Links to the official pages of various websites.
  • Details about forms, fees and why to give these exams.
  • Scholarships or aid that one can get for studying for these exams or after studying these exams.
  • Syllabus of these exams.
  • What to read and study to prepare for these exams. We want to create large repositories of links pointing to freely available preparation material as well as the non-free sources where one can study and prepare for these exams.
  • Information about coaching classes, coaching hubs and what could be gained from them.
  • Links to educational tools and websites that can help in understanding syllabus.
  • Questions from previous years. Questions that help in understanding some material.
  • Material explaining certain concepts! This may not be a priority initially, but is definitely within the scope of this wiki.

How do I make changes to this wiki?

Just click on the Edit button on the top right wherever you want to make edits.To create a new page, go to the url of that page and click on the edit button. For example if you want to create a page called "Example Page", go to, for instance.

If you plan to do lots of edits, it is highly recommended that you create an account! This will not expose your IP address to everyone on the internet and also you can be part of our warm community.

Note that all the pages are written internally in the syntax of wikitext. You can learn about wikitext through a lot of documentation available online (for example here). You don't need to learn anything to make small edits, because the wikitext syntax is actually very apparent and easy to pick up. Just open "Help" on the top right of the editing window to see basic commands. Please feel free to contact the admins if there is a problem.

For making larger edits, it might not be comfortable to use Wikitext for all users. Fortunately, one can also use Pandoc for converting other text formats (like LATEX, Markdown, HTML) to wikitext (the format is called mediawiki in Pandoc).

Content policy

Do not submit copyrighted work without permission!

All the content on this website has to be generated by users. This includes example questions, text explaining contents and any information of exams, etc.

However, note that previous year papers of examinations held under any government are to be considered public domain material and may be freely shared on this website.

If you are someone who thinks his content has been put on this website without permission, please contact one of the admins.

For more details, see the Terms of use of Miraheze and read about the Creative commons license.