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These are some questions that seem highly relevant. Questions might get added or removed from time to time. Please mention suggestions on the discussion page.

What is a wiki?[edit source]

A wiki is a website that is collaboratively edited by its users. The most famous and widely used wiki is Wikipedia. However there are thousands of other wikis on the web, and WikiPariksha in one such wiki.

What kind of content should be on WikiPariksha?[edit source]

In short, anything exam related. Preparation material, mock questions, past year questions, advice and links to where to get this stuff.

Please visit WikiPariksha:Content to understand this better.

How do I make changes to this wiki?[edit source]

Visit WikiPariksha:Content for a small note on editing.

How do I know if you are not selling away my data?[edit source]

WikiPariksha does not need your data.

Our generous host Miraheze Miraheze, do collect visitor data and might also trade usage data with third party companies as written in their Privacy Policy. This is really disappointing. If WikiPariksha becomes a large enough project and gets enough donations, it might see a future away from Miraheze.

It is recommended that you use the 'Do not track' setting of your browser while using this site. Miraheze will always respect this and will not collect data of users under the tag.

How do you earn money?[edit source]

We don't. Currently there is no way for us to make money out of this. WikiPariksha shall always be free and shall always be yours!

Have you partnered with any coaching classes, coaching websites, online training?[edit source]

None at all and never plan to.